Are you interested in finding more interesting scienceblogs to read?

Maybe you are trying to become more aware of unconscious bias (in the blogosphere or your own mind) that leads you to read fewer blogs written by women. Or maybe you want a fresh perspective, or some new random blogs to follow. You should check out the Women Scienceblogs Friendfeed. Here are two ways to subscribe:

Also check out the #wsb hashtag on Twitter to meet women scienceblogs twitterers:

Do you identify as a woman and as a scienceblogger?

Then guess what, you can be added to this feed! Just email It may not happen immediately, but you will get on here. The good news is that catches our feed, and many people already subscribe to it on friendfeed as well. So this should help your blog get some more exposure, and expose others to the writing of women.

Do you have other ideas to reduce unconscious bias in the science blogosphere?

Then post them in the comments section of this very page.

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