Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Agora: for women in science

Agora is the women in science community developed by the L'Oreal Foundation. Recently I was asked to write a piece for them that talks about my work. You can find it here.

A snippet to entice you:

"The reason it’s so important to me that I be that activist scientist – someone whose work is informed by an understanding of the biases inherent in the process of science, and who promotes a deeper understanding of science to the general public – is that women’s health is something that many non-experts opine about, providing sometimes dangerous disinformation."


  1. L'Oreal???? Whoa.

    Either they're poisoning women with chemicals supposedly making us "look better", or they're supporting apartheid in Palestine.

  2. My understanding is that there is a pretty big difference between the Foundation and the Corporation. That said, I'd be happy to hear more about the apartheid in Palestine issue - I know nothing of this.

  3. Hm, I'm just finding and crawling around on your blog and I think I love you. Awesome work!